Monday, August 6, 2012

Announcement/Important Reminder

Hi everyone-
So very sorry that I haven't updated in over 2 months! I feel remiss - but I have a very good reason why I haven't updated! It has been extremely frantic and busy since I last updated! I will have another post with all of the details on how crazy its been - and how most of the craziness has come from the success of working with Groupon.

However - tonight's post is more of an important note for all current/future clients. Please be aware -this is one policy that I will not change and must stick to due to my health.

 This is an important announcement/reminder for everyone:

For those who are currently scheduled to come in as well as for all future appointments - ***please*** do NOT wear any of the following prior to coming in:
-Flexor-all 454
-Tiger Balm

And please make sure that you do not have any of the following/please dispose of the following prior to arriving: 
Mint Gum
Any type of gum/anything that has spearmint, peppermint, basil mint, catnip or lemon balm.

Specifically - please make sure that you do not have anything with the following ingredients:





-Lemon Balm
-Basil Mint
-Savory Marjoram

I ask this as I have a severe mint allergy.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation on this matter!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harley Davidson- "Have a heart ride"

Hi everyone -
In my last post I had photos from last Saturday when I was invited to come down and do chair massages at the local Suburban Harley Davidson dealership here in town at the "4th annual Have a Heart" ride which raised money for the Cardiovascular Center at the  Medical College of Wisconsin. 

(here's the link on MCW's page -

As I had briefly alluded to - both here and on facebook - I was first contacted on 6/7/2012 by the activities director of the local Harley Owner's Group (HOG) who was wondering if I would be interested in coming down to the event ("post-event" to be really technical) and offer chair massages - as it would be a great way to get my name out among the community - as I'm a new business in Thiensville. As everyone knows - I immediately said "yes" and frantically got to work to get prepared for the event - which happened to be 48 hours later!

After spending Thursday afternoon/all day Friday preparing for the event - including last minute shopping to make sure I had all the supplies needed - Saturday finally rolled around.

I headed down Saturday afternoon, arriving about 40 minutes before the riders were to return to Thiensville - they had started out in Menomonee Falls in the morning and were ending their ride at Suburban-Harley Thiensville. After getting some directions and checking in with one of the individuals in charge of the event - I got to work setting up (with dad's help of course!).  Everyone was so nice and helpful - and gave me the choice of if I wanted to set up inside or outdoors.

As the weather was *so* nice (it was pushing 90 degrees) - I chose to set up outside - in a little corner of the huge tent that was set up on the grounds - knowing that it would be a smarter move to be outdoors instead of inside as I have a greater access to the riders.

After setting getting everything set up - it was just a matter of time before the riders would return - which meant it was a little bit of a nervous waiting game for me.

But - I didn't have to worry - precisely at 1pm, the distinctive rumble of the Harley's could be heard as they thundered their way down Main Street and pulled into the parking lot. I must admit - there is something almost.. magical...(though awe-inspiring would probably be the better word) and the feeling of great anticipation spotting/hearing the first Harley Riders coming in, and seeing them for the first time.

Once all of the riders had parked - they went for lunch (on site food truck) and to chat with their fellow riders. As a non-Harley rider, it was interesting just watching the fellow riders interact with one another - swapping stories or catching up - was fun to listen to!

It wasn't long before people started signing up for chair massages - and I immediately got to work.  I kept the chair massages short - as they were starting to become popular - and also because of the heat as well. 

Throughout the afternoon - there were many different activities going on. Two different bands performed - providing musical entertainment for the afternoon. There was also a raffle and prize drawing which helped raise money for the cardiovascular center. All in all - it was a busy afternoon!

Soon 4:30pm rolled around - and it was time for me to head out for the day - knowing that the day had been a success. I accomplished a few goals that I had set out for myself - the main being using this opportunity to get my name out among the community, spreading the word that I was a new business starting out.  

Also - at the end of the day - I decided that I am definitely doing this event again next year!  I had such a great time there and got such a positive response from the riders who were glad that I was there offering chair massages!

Well - that about sums it all up about my experiences at the 4th annual "Have a Heart" ride at Suburban Harley Davidson. I had a great time and am  already getting ideas for working at next year's ride!

I also want to extend my thanks to Suburban Harley Davidson as well as the members of the local HOG (Harley Owner's Group) for inviting me to come down and who gave me the opportunity to allow me to get my name out. Allowing me to work at the ride was greatly appreciated!

Hope that everyone had a fun reading/seeing all about my experiences at the ride!

Thanks again - and have a great day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photos from 4th annual Have a Heart Harley Ride

Hi everyone - Below are some photos from this weekend - with the 4th annual "Have a Heart" Harley Ride. Most of the photos are of my work area that I set up in the Northeast corner of the tent on the grounds of the Suburban Harley Davidson dealership here in Thiensville.

I had a great time at the event - what I participated in was all of the "post-ride" celebrations - the official ride began at 8am  when the riders began a 70 mile ride that ended in Thiensville. 

I'll  have another post coming with more details about the day - but I figured that I should at least get a post up with the photos!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big & exciting news!

Hi everyone -
Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a call today from the local Suburban-Harley Davidson Dealership. I had left some of my business cards down at the dealership earlier in the month and let them know that I was available to come down and give chair massages at any of their next events at the dealership.

Well - the call that I got today was from the activities director of the local HOG (Harley Owner's Group) chapter. He had gotten my name and was wondering if I would be interested in bringing my chair down for a HOG event that would be taking place - get this - this Saturday!

This is the link:

Immediately I jumped on the event - said "Yes!"

So - long story short - I will be taking part at the Harley event this Saturday - 6/9/2012 from 1-4pm!

The even looks like it's RSVP by email only invite - so I'm not sure if the "at-large" public is invited or not.

But I wanted to announce that I'll be down at Suburban Harley this weekend!

I'm excited yet also slightly terrified about this - as this will be the first event that I'm doing.. completely on my own - and I have about 48 hours to prepare for this....Eeek!

On the flip-side - I am also looking forward to doing this as it'll be a great way to get my name out among the Harley Riders - and fngers crossed that this weekend will allow me to get my name out more among the community!

I will make sure to blog about the event and how it goes - so be on the lookout for a new post!

Have a great rest of your day - and wish me luck this weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bit of background - part 2 :)

Hi again everyone -
As promised - here is part 2 of the posts entailing a bit of background about me & why I chose to go into massage therapy.

In part 2 - this post will explain how I ended up choosing the name "Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC."

The origin of the name comes from a couple of different things:

1.) UW-Green Bay's mascot is the "Phoenix" - so it the choice of using a Phoenix was a no brainer for me as I knew that I wanted to honor my time at Green Bay. And if anyone's curious - here's a link to read up on how UW-Green Bay ended up with "the Phoenix" as it's mascot. I also find it funny that the campus mascot was nearly the "Fighting Tomatoes." (and honestly - "the fighting tomatoes" doesn't seems so fierce as "the Phoenix"):

2.) I've always been fascinated by mythology. Simple as that. And the Phoenix myth became one of my favorites - especially after I got to UW-Green Bay.

A couple of links for you:

3.) Harry Potter.  Yes - part of the reason why "Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC" became "Phoenix Rising" is because of Harry Potter - specifically Fawkes. Fawkes became my favorite magical character - and especially the fact that he was a tangible link to Professor Dumbledore :)

The "Harry Potter" series first came out in 1997 (I was about 9 at the time) and it was the series that defined not only my childhood, but my middle school, high school and college years. Fawkes was the one magical creature that was my favorite.tter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" - I bawled my eyes out during the last 20 minutes! :)

a link for you:

4.) Finally - I look at the Phoenix Rising as a metaphor for my own life. I've had numerous health problems throughout the years. And with every health problem, every set back - I've gotten through each and every one of them. And come back stronger every time. It was because of this that I wanted to have a unique and memorable symbol/icon that represented what I had gone through - and also be a way to represent, in a nut shell, my hopes as a massage therapist. That people could come to the practice and be able - for an hour - forget about their problems, forget about their pain (physical or emotional) and come out of their session, refreshed.

So - putting all of these reasons together - that's the origin of "Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy" came into being :)

Next post will be all about the creation of the logo and how my good friend from high school created the logo for me!

Have a great rest of your night!

A bit of background part 1 :)

Hi everyone -
Hope that you are all enjoying your evening :)

I figured that it was time to finally do a post giving everyone a bit of background about me as well as how "Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC" came into being.

Hmmm.... where to start though?

This will be
Ah! I know - how about a little bit about me first - as that will hopefully help & make it easier to explain how I got into massage therapy.  Becoming a massage therapist was honestly something that I never really thought about as a career until January 2010 when I literally had the "light bulb" "aha!" "This is what I need to do with my life" kind of moment. So when people speak of having the proverbial "light bulb moment" I can say - I understand and I know it very well!

All right - time for me to back up and explain how I got to that moment :)

I am not just a licensed massage therapist and body work therapist (my official title with the state of Wisconsin), I also have a double bachelors degree in German and Humanistic Studies with an emphasis in Ancient and Medieval History (mouthful, yes, I know!) that I received in May 2009 from the University-Wisconsin at Green Bay. Which in retrospect is a feat in itself as I completed a double bachelors degree in 3 years when many students at UWGB were averaging about 5-6 years to complete their degrees. My whole plan in life, post undergraduate graduation, after spending 4 weeks at the University of Kassel, was to start graduate school and get my masters' degree in German translation from UW-Milwaukee.

However, life and reality caught up with me.

Burn out - by this time I had been studying German going on 13 years, and doing classes in some shape or form for three years without a break, as well as getting sick with what started out as a sinus infection spiraled into really nasty migraines. Which due to the severity of the migraines lead me to make the decision that I needed to withdraw from graduate school to focus on my health.

And honestly, studying German, wasn't fun anymore.

In retrospect - it was a very good decision that I stopped graduate school when I did. During the span of the remander of the 2009-2010 school year, I ended up having all four of my wisdom teeth removed (which surprisingly took care of the migraines), as well as slamming the car door from the right baby toe all the way up to my knee - which led to arthroscopic knee surgery as well as almost a year of rehabbing my knee and ankle.

Why might you ask, do I bring all of this up?

It was January 2010 - ironically just before I slammed the car door on my leg - that I ended up - as I like to say - literally knocked over the head, innately knowing that "you need to go to massage school." So I started looking into the two local massage schools and ended up applying (and being accepted at) Blue Sky School of Professional Massage &  Therapeutic Bodywork with plans to begin in March of 2010.

Slight problem though - my arthroscopic knee surgery? It was scheduled for March.

So - I ended up deferring my start at Blue Sky until August of 2010 when I entered the program choosing to follow the energy track during the ten month program.

I will not lie - it's a very intensive program.

 Two nights a week, 5 hours each night. And that is not counting the countless hours of outside the classroom work that I had to put in. One of the first things that I was told -I think it was at orientation - was that once you start the massage therapy program, you literally have no life. Totally true in that regard - from just before Halloween weekend 2010 through two weeks before Christmas - I only had 1 weekend off from the various weekend seminars.

But with all of the many hours of studying and hard work - I found myself enjoying it.

I was rediscovering why I loved learning and my passion for helping people.

To sum it up - this is what I wrote that appears on the Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC's website:

"I was first introduced to Reiki & Energy Work at age 8. Intrigued at the possibilities of what energy work could do— I expanded my knowledge to be trained in Cranial Sacral Therapies by the time I was  16 years old.   I chose to experience the “traditional” college experience—and completed a double bachelor’s degree in German & Ancient/Medieval history in three years, graduating from UW-Green Bay in May of 2009.  After experiencing health related issues in 2009 & early 2010, I had the proverbial “light bulb” moment when I realized that I needed to return to practicing Energy Work. That  moment is when she made the decision to go to school to become a Massage Therapist.  I have  experienced the benefits of massage, and wanted to be able to give back and help others the way massage has helped me."

Long story short, through all the hard work - blood, sweat, and tears, I finished my education at Blue Sky on August 3rd 2011. Five days later, I sat for nationals ("sat for nationals" - taking the exam on the computer at a testing center with I think 40 other people who were there for other exams), and found out I passed the same day. By that weekend, I had an overnight trip to just outside of Madison to complete my last community service event (4 hours of giving chair massages at Lands Ends Corporate Headquarters for the Dairyland Dare" bike race). And by the end of the month - I was a graduate - again for the 2nd time in 2 years!

So - this concludes part 1 of the 2 part posts - as this is a summary of how and why I got into massage therapy. In the next post - I'll explain about the origins/ how the name "Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC" came into being.

Have a good night!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exclusive! July 4th Sale!

Hi everyone -
I had promised in my last post for everyone to be on the lookout- here at the blog and over on the business' facebook page - that there was going to be another sale coming up :)

Well - I can reveal tonight - that this hint is true!

I am proud to exclusively announce that:

It’s time for another sale!
To celebrate the July 4th holiday
Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC
A Two week long sale!
Beginning the week of 7/1/2012 through 7/15/2012
Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy will be offering
$10.00 off all massages during these two weeks!

*Note - chair massages during these two weeks must be a minimum of 15 minutes to take advantage of the sale*

Two weeks only! Hurry fast to make your appointment!  Contact Amanda at: 262-227-9316,  or via facebook at:

Between July 1st and July 15th - I will be offering a 2 week sale where *any* massage that occurs between these two dates - it'll be $10 off the rates :) 

So - 
A 60 minute massage during these two weeks will only cost -> $50
A 30 minute massage during these two weeks will only cost -> $20
A chair massage will start as LOW as $5 for a 15 minute chair massage!

To take advantage of the sale for a chair massage - the chair massage MUST be a minimum of 15 minutes. 

This will also be posted over on the facebook page as well :)